Steven successfully guided the ICT department through a major organisational change.

Luc Van den Bremt, CEO OLV Hospital Aalst

Steven realized important transformations which helped strengthen our performance.

Dr. Geert Vandenbroucke, Medical Director, OLV Hospital Aalst

Negotiating and working with Steven brings up the best from all involved parties. His analytical ability to quickly understand problems, to separate details from actual obstacles and his 'IT for the business' mindset are only a few of his qualities. It is great working with Steven.

Pascal Van der Vennet, Business Development Enterprise Solutions, Retail (B2C) & Healthcare at Econocom

Steven has done excellent work in Belgacom by implementing a new job scheduling tool and to manage the unix team responsible for releasing, interfacing and batches on unix systems.
His drive and commitment, good customer communication and warm personality made it a pleasure to work with him.

Steven Pals, Domain Manager Billing & Program Manager "Flexible rating and invoicing" at Belgacom

His knowledge, pragmatism and straight forward approach made Steven a successful and excellent manager. Appreciated by his team and higher management.
We wish Steven success in the deployment of his career.

Ronny Bovijn, Vice President IT (Infrastructure Services) at TomTom

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